Victor Computer anyone?

From: Alexios Chouchoulas <>
Date: Wed May 7 05:58:39 1997

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Sam Ismail wrote:

> One of the things I saw at the last swap meet I was at was a Victor PC.
> I was tempted to pick it up but it was
> priced at (I think) $40 and wasn't even going to bother haggling (this
> was the same guy trying to sell two VIC-20s at $25 a piece).

  That was an ACT Victor 9000, aka Sirius 9000 in Europe. It's a brilliant
machine (by coincidence I saw a Sirius keyboard for sale last Sunday).
8088-based, but not PC compatible. Will run the usual OSs and the usual
software. I can't remember specs of the top of my head. After the
Victor/Sirius, ACT went on to design the Apricot series, with which you may
be more familiar. If you need the full specs, I'll be happy to have a look
for you!


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