Victor Computer anyone?

From: Fredrik Ekman <>
Date: Wed May 7 12:55:41 1997

Good choice of subject, Sam! If you had just used "yo" again, I might have
missed this one. :-)

> One of the things I saw at the last swap meet I was at was a Victor PC.

If it said "Victor PC" and nothing else it was almost certainly a PC
clone. Victor was originally an American company (later moved to Sweden)
and started out making their own PCs (ie not IBM clones). Their most
successful early model must have been the Victor 9000, one of the biggest
wants for my collection. It was one of the first pure 16-bit PCs and
featured very nice monochrome graphics. The keyboard layout is similar to
a PC and it has 2 5.25" floppy drives, so this might have been what you
saw. It could run both CP/M and a ported version of MS-DOS. The 9000 was
marketed in Britain with the name Sirius ACT-1 or Apricot 1 or something
like that.

If I remember correctly the 9000 had a dark case and black keys.

Later, Victor started making IBM clones, which they continued doing until
AST bought them one or two years ago.

Anyway, even if what you saw was a 9000 it was probably not worth $40.

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