Origin of company names Apple & Atari - verify?

From: Josh M. Nutzman <josh_at_netins.net>
Date: Fri May 9 19:14:06 1997

I have an origional Apple IIC owners guide, under the "Ask Apple"
Section, there is a question that says: "How did Apple get it's name?"

The answer: (Taken from the Apple IIC book, Apple Presents the Apple IIC,
An Interactive Owner's Guide.)

"The name Apple Computer was chosen late one afternoon as Steve Jobs and
Steve Wozniak, Apple's founders faced the deadline for filing a
Fictitious Name Statement, part of the business licensing procedures.
After volleying names back and forth with Wozniak for hours, Jobs looked
at the apple he was eating and decided that, unless he or Woz arrived at
something better by five o'clock, they would call the company Apple. Five
o'clock came and went; Apple was the new company's name."

This could be true, or not.

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