WTB: Wordstar 3.31

From: Susan M Johnson <sjohnson_at_GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU>
Date: Sat May 10 22:41:37 1997

On Sat, 10 May 1997, John Ott wrote:

> Hello -
> I am looking for an original set of Wordstar 3.31 (running under DOS) disks
> with correctstar and mailmerge. I specifically need the printer support for
> a HP laserjet printer.
> Please email me with particulars, including price.
> Thanks.
> John Ott
> jott_at_saturn.ee.nd.edu

I could send you a copy my original disks for WordStar, but I don't have
my manuals with me, although in a couple of weeks I would be able to make
photocopies of them. Whether it would work on your computer I don't know.
My version is for a Zenith Z-100, MS-DOS. I don't have correctstar and
mailmerge, though. As for supporting the HP Laserjet, you would have to
use the generic printer driver or write your own. WS 3.3 came out way
before the HP Laserjet. If you need a CP/M version of WS, I could get a
copy of that also, but again it would be a couple of weeks. Either way,
no charge other than photocopy costs for the manual and postage.

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