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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon May 12 01:36:15 1997

Well, I was too busy with other stuff and unfortunately couldn't attend a
real good swap meet this weekend, but I did re-discover a cache of
magazines in my parents' barn. I found out I had an entire run of
Creative Computing, I have almost the complete run of A+ (including the
first issue...this is an Apple ][ mag), a (I think) complete run of
Incider (another Apple ][ rag), a few issues of byte from 1981 (the
SmallTalk issue) and 1984, a couple issues of Family Computing from 1984,
an issue of SoftTalk, and some other miscellany. This stuff is as good
as gold! Creative Computing is a total blast going through all the ads.
The main thing that struck me is the diversity of computer systems that
were available in the early 80s. Contrast that with what you got today
(Wintel crap/Macincrap). That diveristy is what we are discovering
today. I think in 10 years there probably will be no memorable classic
computers worth collecting from the 90s. MAYBE the Mac portable, and I
can't think of anything else right off hand. There is just going to be
this hideous montage of various IBM PC clones by different manufacturers
or just run-of-the-mill computer shop PCs. Bleah! Long live the
thriving micro-computer revolution of the 70s and 80s!

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