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From: Brian L. Stuart <stuart_at_colossus.mathcs.rhodes.edu>
Date: Mon May 12 09:44:51 1997

Adding to Sam Ismail saying:
>On Sun, 11 May 1997, Bill Whitson wrote:
>> 25 RX50 disks labelled MICRO/RSTS - I don't knwo what they are
>> but I'm guessing they're not for the Rainbow. I really needed
>> some RX50 disks though.
>RSTS is a time sharing system that ran on, hmmm, I forget. I think some
>DEC mini. I've used it in the real world a couple times.

As far as I know RSTS was never ported to anything except the PDP-11
at least not a port that was marketed. My guess is that these are
for one of the DEC PRO machines. These machines had the small
LSI-11 implementation. At any rate, you're right, they're not
for the Rainbow.

If you want to unload them and don't find anyone else who wants
them, I might be interested. The only reason I'm not more
interetsed is that none of my LSI-11s have floppy drives and I
don't really feel like going to the trouble of duplicating a
PRO. On the other hand, if I ever come across a PRO, it'd be
nice to have an OS for it. If I were you, I'd check the
vmsnet.pdp-11 and alt.sys.pdp11 newsgroups. You can probably
find someone there who could make use of it.

Brian L. Stuart
Math/CS Dept, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
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