Call for Help: Retrieve files from 14" DEC platters

From: Matt Pritchard <>
Date: Wed May 14 11:15:37 1997

I just wanted to say this:

Already several people have offered to help out by getting the files off
the RLO2 disk packs.

Right now, Jim Willing seems to be the guy to do it (he also seems to be
closest to the disks, which I think are in central CA). I've put him in
touch with keith Robinson who is heading up the Intellivsion emulator

Let me just say that I am overwhelmed by the favorable response that
has come from the people on this list. The sense of community and
people that value computer history has left me with a lump in my throat.

Thanks to all,
-Matt Pritchard

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> > This news just in:
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> > According to Ray Roux, who maintained the VAX systems, we were
> running
> > Unix, BSD 4.1. The platters are 14", with the label: Data Cartridge
> > RL02K-DC.
> In that case, they're RL02 packs, with a capacity of 10.4 Mbytes.
> There
> are plenty of working RL02's about - I have a couple myself on a
> PDP11,
> although it's non-trivial to ship the packs to me. I am sure you'll
> find
> somebody in the States who can help.
> --
> -tony
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