Magazine retrospectives

From: Glenn Roberts <>
Date: Fri May 16 09:53:42 1997

At 08:31 AM 5/16/97 -0600, Jeff Kaneko wrote:
>> How many pages of technical content does it [BYTE] have now?
>IMHO, close to zero.

i have many of the older Bytes (late 70's). those were high quality
content for any microcomputer enthusiast. I threw out most of my issues
from the mid to late 80's (after pulling out useful articles including all
the Steve Ciarcia columns!). Also have two of the compendiums of early Dr.
Dobb's that are chock full of stuff like assembly listings and construction

trivia question (easy): what was the original full name of Dr. Dobb's
Journal? and (bonus question) what was it's subtitle? Answer later...

- glenn
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