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Date: Fri May 16 20:52:22 1997

Hi Sam,

> > Hrrumph!
> > It's amazing that the _Journal_ still exists at all! It's (original)
> > philosophy is the complete antithesis of current industry practise.
> >
> > Used to be, if you could write small, fast code, not only were you
> > good, you survived!
> >
> > Nowadays, its "A couple of meg here, a couple of meg there,
> > pretty soon we're talking about real memory usage".
> Its totally fricken pathetic, isn't it? I remember when whole operating
> systems resided in less than 64K. Now, you need 64 megs for all the
> pretty GUI stuff and sound clips. Totally pathetic.

There was a recent posting to a newsgroup wherein the author
claimed one couldn't compile a program with a particular
compiler in less than 8 Mbytes. The fact that people were
doing it with 2 and 4 Mbytes was apparently of no relevance.
It brought to mind that I have a Pascal compiler for an older
machine that works very well in 24 Kbytes. Something has
gotten completely out of whack.
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