Magazine retrospectives

From: Matt Pritchard <>
Date: Sat May 17 11:47:22 1997

  That's not entirely true. ;-) I'm being paid to write optimized
assembly code for an upcoming game from (of all people) Microsoft.
12,000 lines of hand tuned assembly, with some truely wonderful gems of
small, efficient code in it. I must admit though that we had an editor
from one of the gaming magazines come by the other day and mention that
the only other gam company still writing serious assembly was
NovaLogic... It does seems like a dying art.

But I'm off topic.

What I wanted to bring up was Creative Computing Magazine , pre 1981. I
was only 10 - 14 years old during that time period, but I remember the
content as being fantastic. There were fewer rules and a much more
hardcore audience then. Does anyone remeber "Computer Myths Explained"
and the great line drawings of robots and wierd machines that took on a
life of their own. I'd love to get a collection of those drawings...

-Matt Pritchard

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> On Fri, 16 May 1997, Captain Napalm wrote:
> The Apple disk conrtoller ROM which read the boot sector off of a disk
> was 256 bytes! Amazing piece of code. You won't find anything
> comparable today, at least in any mainstream software (ie. windows).
> Sam
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