Byte Jan 87 retrospective.

From: Jim Willing <>
Date: Sun May 18 23:34:09 1997

At 01:09 PM 5/18/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On the line of interesting storage devices - does anyone remember the
>"scanner" that read strips of encoded data. I don't remember what it
>was called, but for a little while they printed some of these strips in
>Nibble. I think it was an Apple II only thing. I guess you could read
>and print these strips and they generated programs when you scanned

It's called a Causin 'Strip Reader'. Cable and software kits were
available for both PC compatable and Apple II series computers. I have one
in my collection, but with no software at present. (have not got a picture
on the web page yet either - foo!) Have been trying to track down the
software for either system...

>Also, some personal bad news - my van was broken into on Friday night
>and a large load of classic equipment was stolen (I'm preparing to move
>and the it was the easiest place to store it).

Aw heck! ('course, I do the same...)


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