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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon May 19 11:36:00 1997

Well, I had a good weekend, acquiring lots of stuff too numerous to
list. I got a genuine IBM PC (this time for sure), an Atari 1040ST, a
Visual Computer Inc. Commuter "lap-top" (circa 1983 with a small flip-up
LCD display, runs DOS), a Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000, TI Silent 700 Portable
Data Terminal, Atari 800XL...

I also picked up some extras for trading. Currently I have a couple
original IBM PCs and PC XTs and a couple TI Silent 700 protable data
terminals (with acoustic couplers).

One of the IBM PCs is an oddity: it is actually labelled the IBM 3270
Personal Computer and inside it has three cards connected together to form
the video card. It has one 9-pin male 'D' connector on the back (like a
standard monochrome monitor adaptor). I was told this was for an enhanced
graphics monitor. It also had a card in the slot next to the CPU. The
card has a CPU on it, and has a ribbon cable going from the card to the
socket on the motherboard where the CPU used to be. Any ideas what this
is? I don't know if I want to trade this just yet. But if anyone is
interested in a genuine IBM PC for trade, I can get more.

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