Byte Jan 87 retrospective.

From: Alexios Chouchoulas <>
Date: Sun May 18 23:27:50 1997

On Sun, 18 May 1997, Bill Whitson wrote:

> On the line of interesting storage devices - does anyone remember the
> "scanner" that read strips of encoded data. I don't remember what it
> was called, but for a little while they printed some of these strips in
> Nibble. I think it was an Apple II only thing. I guess you could read
> and print these strips and they generated programs when you scanned
> them.

  Oh yeah... I remeber that. Vaguely. Can't remember its name, though.
However, it wasn't an Apple II only thing. I distinctly remember reading
that it was available for a number of machines (that impressed me back in
that glorious age of complete incompatibility). :-) A couple of mags were
publishing strips for that thingy.

> Also, some personal bad news - my van was broken into on Friday night
> and a large load of classic equipment was stolen

  Ouch! Nightmare come true...

  OTOH, I just want to *see* the expression on the face of anyone braking
into my place and finding it stacked from floor to ceiling with hardware.
Then, of course, I'd love to see their expression when they try to fence the

> I have mounted razor blades across the bottom of my car stereo and they
> found them when trying to rip it out ;). The dash was very bloody - quite
> gratifying.

  Excellent! The Bastard Classic Computer Collector From Hell strikes! I
think you ought to have mounted razor blades on some of the machines as

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