CA 'Naked Mini'

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Wed May 21 15:02:38 1997

> It claims to be a 'Computer Automation' Naked Mini, and mine appears
> (alas) to be incomplete

I think these things were made to be very modular. Judging from some old
magazines (Electronics from the 1970s) I foolishly tossed a few years
ago, users would specify what they wanted, and CA would piece a system
together. I think users could even do the peicing themselves. Thus, as
you find parts, you should be able to use them, even if they are for a
completely different setup.

I have a feeling that CAs were intended mostly for embedded use, rather
than standalone systems.

Other than that, I know nothing. Every so often I see boards at the
fests, but pass them up.

William Donzelli
Received on Wed May 21 1997 - 15:02:38 BST

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