CA 'Naked Mini'

From: Barry Peterson <>
Date: Wed May 21 15:16:13 1997

On Wed, 21 May 1997 20:10:37 BST, someone said:

>Does anyone on this list know anything about a machine I've just rescued?
>It claims to be a 'Computer Automation' Naked Mini, and mine appears
>(alas) to be incomplete
>I have the 4U rack case, the backplane, frontpanel (which seems to use
>membrane switches and LEDs), CPU board (At least I assume that's what it
>is - it's got some 74x181 ALU chips on it) and 2 core memory boards.
>The PSU is missing, but even so I think it was worth saving. I guess I
>can hack something together.

Computer Automation built a system for our Federal Aviation
Administration called ARTS-II (Automated Radar Terminal System #2)
What you have may be part of that product line, an off-the-shelf mini
named LSI-II. The boards were huge with hundreds of chips and mounted
horizontally. The power supply was rated at 70 amps on the +5 line!

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