Spare Chips

From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Thu May 22 18:25:04 1997

> > > namely 1702s and 2532s, GET THEM. Today they are quite rare, tommorrow
> >
> > Don't forget the 2708 and the 3-rail 2716 (Texas Instruments).
> If anybody needs any of these, I've got perhaps a dozen 1702's,
> several dozen 2708's, and a couple 3-rail 2716's still kicking around.
> I've even got a couple of 2704's.

Hang on to them - you'll need them one day (but I hardly need to tell you
that, now do I :-)).

There was also a half-sized 2716 - i.e 1K * 8, but single supply rail. The
number was something like 2508, I think. I've seen one in use in an FTS-88
keyboard - if it ever fails, it gets replaced by 2716 with A10 soldered to


> My 1702A programmer is a unit based on a design from a mid-70's
> _Popular Electronics_ article. Toggle the addresses and data in

I found the articles on the PE 'CHAMP' (the first UK computer project) the
other day. One of the peripherals was the CHAMP-PROG - a 1702 programmer.
There's no hope of building it today (the whole thing is based round the
Intel 4040 and support devices), but I guess you could modify the design
if you were desparate.

> on the front panel, hit a button, and a series of RC-timed one shot's
> apply the thoroughly bizarre sequence of programming voltages.

Yes, the programming algorithm is somewhat strange....

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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