Sinclair ZX80

From: Eifion Bedford <>
Date: Thu May 22 17:20:55 1997

 Tim Shoppa <> writes

>Hmm... I traded away my ZX80 around about 1983 or so, for a Model 33 ASR.
>I still think it's one of the best trades I ever made.

        Well, there was an ad in Micro Mart today and someone was
willing to pay 50UKP for a boxed one... They're definitely the most
collectable Sinclair Research machine. Remember tho', if you're after
one, to make sure it's not been 'upgraded' to ZX81 spec, as this was
possible. I wouldn't part with mine for (almost) anything....

Eifion Bedford
Received on Thu May 22 1997 - 17:20:55 BST

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