TRS-80 Model 4P

From: Brett <>
Date: Mon May 26 09:13:52 1997

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Greg Mast (leaving out the IMPORTANT parts) wrote:
> > On Mon, 26 May 1997, Barry Peterson wrote:
> > Gee, it's started already 8-(
> No, it started a long time ago.


> > No, it worth about $0.50. Of course, you have all the documentation, and
> > the disks that go with it. That might make it worth $1.50.
> It's worth what someone will pay for it. Nobody is forcing anyone to pay
> "too much" for anything. It's called supply and demand.
> > It's much better to get rid of it locally - $25 and it yours. Come pick it
> > up! Better for you, better for it.

What happened to all the important stuff that was here?
I was (satirically) suggesting even more! A TRS-80 4P would take at least
two boxes with documentation. One big one would have to be shipped by
truck (yuck). UPS has size and weight limits (just like the USPS). Packing
material can be obtained from corporate dumpsters for less than the
purchase price 8-)

Most people would buy anything - until they find it costs ANOTHER 50%+ to
get it shipped! I mean, at small prices, it's not a problem - unless I
sell a DEC PDP-11 for $100 and it costs you $300 to get it. Thats $400
to you and $100 and a lot of headaches for me. I don't think I would sell
it! That's why I said ---

> Nice if you can find someone locally to take it off your hands. Why do you
> think there are so many computers at the thrift stores with garage sale
> price tags on them. The general public doesn't want them.

The general public doesn't count - collectors have never been
in *the general public*.

> > > 2: Would be unethical to email the non-winning bidders with an offer
> > > to sell my computer to them?
> >
> > Only to those of us who want to preserve the beasts - rather than sell
> > them off for a profit.

Where is my (I'm mean tonight line)??? You really think $76.50 would be a

> I don't think there's any harm in trying to get a fair price for anything.
> We're not talking about selling food to starving people at ridiculous prices
> and this stuff is selling way below it's original cost. As more of this
> stuff is trashed and recycled, it's just the way it works. Best thing to do
> is get your stuff while it's still cheap. Then someday, if you ever get rid
> of it you can donate it to a needy collector and feel really good about it.

Now there's an oxymoron - *needy collector*!

> I'd really like to pick up a 1964 mustang convertible for $500 but those
> greedy bastards want more than they cost new! Can you imagine? All I want to
> do is preserve it.

My preference goes to the Corvair and the Volkwagon - because they were
inexpensive and worked. I see our differences more plainly now.

(Feeling better today)
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