HELP with Apple II+ booting!

From: Eric Fischer <>
Date: Tue May 27 12:02:22 1997 says,

> My Apple II+ will boot a diskette called the "Zardax Utilities" but it
> won't boot anything else.
> When I put in a different bootable diskette, I get "APPLE II" on the
> screen, and then after a moment's pause, a bunch of garbage characters
> are added.

My best guess is that maybe you have a 13-sector (DOS 3.2) disk
controller and one 13-sector disk (the one that works), and the
rest of your disks are 16-sector so the 13-sector controller
doesn't know what to do with them. Unfortunately I can't remember
where to peek to find out the DOS or controller version number,
so I don't know how you could verify this.

The other alternative is that if your Apple II+ has less than 48k
of memory, the other disks may be expecting a 48k system and loading
DOS into a part of memory that doesn't exist on your computer. The
Zardax Utilities disk may be one with a relocatable DOS image on it
(a "master" disk) created with "MASTER CREATE" and the rest are just
plain fixed-address disks. This would certainly explain why random
junk was getting loaded into video memory instead of where it belongs.

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