Atari 800 XL (fwd)

From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Tue May 27 19:41:50 1997

If you're looking for an Atari you might want to talk to this


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Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 18:29:18 -0700
From: Steve <>
Subject: Atari 800 XL

Hi Bill
        I have an Atari 800 XL along with several cartridges, tapes with programs and the 1010
player. This machine is like new as I take care of my equipment. I haven't used it for
several years and have been thinking about selling everything. Even back then I saw how
computers were advancing and I decided not to try to keep up. Last year I finally decided
to buy a new computer. Quantex with P133, 2.1 gig HD, etc. I was into the computer thing
in the late 50's early 60's when still a kid.
        If you know of anyone who would be interested in this equipment, which is in cherry
condition and all power supplies, cables etc come with it along with several programs on
tape (Zaxxon, Chess, Slot Machine, Sky Chart, E-Factor and LOTS more), several carts
(Missile Command, Donkey Kong, Defenders...and more).

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