Terak's (was: Re: Another weekend haul story

From: Charles P. Hobbs <transit_at_primenet.com>
Date: Tue May 27 22:10:21 1997

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Glenn Roberts wrote:
> unfortunately UCSD Pascal was wiped out along with CP/M and a lot of other
> good stuff when DOS swept the world.

Hey, DOS *is* CP/M as far as I'm concerned (look how long it took to
kick that 8.3 filename habit! :-)

> I used to run UCSD Pascal on a system called a "Terak" - anyone ever see
> one of these? they were pretty cool (wish i had one now). It was LSI-11
> based and could run DEC real time OSes as well (can't remember which ones).
> I used to have 8" floppies for this with all the source code for UCSD
> pascal and tools (it was all originally in the public domain I think since
> it was university based). unfortunately i didn't have the foresight to
> transfer to a more modern media and I have no idea where this all is now.

I remember using a Terak in undergrad school, around 1984 or so. There's
a page out on the web dedicated to preserving these beasts; you might
try typing in "Terak" to one of the searchengines. . .
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