HELP!!! Apple IIe - doesn't work!

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Date: Tue May 27 23:15:41 1997

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> Should I take one of the video cards out? Are they supposed to BOTH be in
> there?

If when you boot the machine it comes up with Apple IIe then you have an
enhanced IIE. If it says Apple II then you have an unenhanced IIe. Part of
the enhancement upgrade involved replacing roms on the motherboard so perhaps
the upgrade was done improperly (unlikely). Pulling cards is the best way to
isolate the problem. First pull the videx card. If that doesn't solve the
problem then pull the AE card, the mouse card and finally the printer card.
If your still having problems then you may want to replace the Zip chip with
a stock 65C02 (an enhanced IIe uses a 65C02 rather than a 6502). If you still
have problems then you may want to try a different controller card or just
throw the thing out the window. :-)

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