HELP!!! Apple IIe - doesn't work!

From: hellige <>
Date: Wed May 28 08:18:19 1997

On 28-May-97, Eric Fischer wrote:

>Probably the former owner either had some program that required
>a Videx-style card or just preferred the picture quality you get
>from the Videx (they had models that did 132x40 with a nice solid
>font -- much nicer than the spotty ugly standard IIe 80 column

   I just received an Apple II+ I've been waiting on, and it included a Videx
card, though it needs some of the wires replaced before I can install it. The
only thing I can find for a model on it is a sticker on it's backside which
says 'VTerm'...does this sound right? Also, where was the prefered place to
run the new video out through the case?

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