Recent Finds & RE: laser discs...

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Wed May 28 23:40:09 1997

Recent finds...

  Been adding to the Atari collection, last weekend snagged a 410 tape
recorder for 99 cents, noticed a bit of rattling and discovered a
plastic part had fallen off the rewind key mechanism (it triggers a reed
switch, probably to mute the signal when rewinding.) glue or tape
should fix it. Now all I have to do is find those games I have... I
think I have a Telengard tape that has atari on it, I wonder how it will
compare to the 64 version... And I also have an Automated Simulations
game somewhere (the science fiction one like apshai?), it could have an
Atari version on it as well...
   I might have a possible candidate for a power supply for the growing
Atari collection (from a thrift store with a table full of various PSs,
and mention of boxes more in the back, gotta check there more often!),
it is a 9V AC 1.6 amp supply... so, how much difference is there
between 1.6 and 1.7 amps? The least rated supply (listed in the Atari
FAQ) to run on an 800/1200XL is a 1.7 amp, can the 1.6 cause problems?
(I have yet to try this as the plug is the too small and I will have to
solder on a more suitable one for it to work.)
  Also got an 810 drive, did a power test tonite, the disk went through
a 'seek' of some sort (still one PS and no disks, so it's best I can do
for now) Now I have disk drives that match the 1200XL and 800!
Speaking of the 1200XL I mentioned earlier the keyboard was not
functional, a fellow user on the comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup suggested
checking the keyboard connector, and by-jimminy, it was loose! (Now who
would open a perfectly good computer...well..ok, who wouldn't open a
perfectly good computer. *grin*.)
  Books,tapes,disks are nowhere to be found for the Atari (at thrift
shops/book stores/flea markets), so far (since a month or two ago) not a
one spotted, and I thought Commodore books were hard to find.
  Monochrome monitors are pretty cheap out there, picked up a basic
Zenith green screen for someone for $2.95, saw a few more similarly
  My best find of the week: one thrift store had a 128D unit sans
keboard (a 128D is a Commodore C128 computer with built-in 1571 disk
drive, latest ROMs, and 64k video RAM) for $7.00. I figured it would be
a great 'parts source' for my flat C128 (which has only 16k VRAM and old
ROMs), I assumed the 128D was DOA, only to discover it is functional,
the drive seems ok too! (booted a CP/M system disk and Renegade, two
disks with 128 boot sectors I knew of). Now I'm gonna have to
scrounge/hack up a 128D keyboard. (dang it all!)
RE: Laser Discs
>From: (Barry Peterson)
>Subject: Re: More p-code (was: Re: Another weekend haul story
> On Tue, 27 May 1997 20:06:29 -0700 (PDT), someone said:
>>Also, anyone remembers TI's videodisc controller card? I remember some of
>>the ads and catalogs saying something to the effect of "The Videodisc=20
>>controller is for industrial use only, it is not for use in the home"
>It's PHP 2300 "Video Controller", and listed in 1982 for $699.95! (I
>didn't buy one)

   I got a couple LDs from thrift shops the first ($20) was the great
grandaddy Magnavox 8000, still has major tracking problems but it can't
interface to anything anyway.
   The second ($9.95!) is a Poineer 6010? Anyway, it is an 'industrial
grade' LD player (had an Armstrong Flooring disc in it). I have some
articles for LD interfacing: one for the VIC-20 in a 1982 COMPUTE! and
one I think for RS-232 in a 1983 BYTE; but this LD player already has an
RS-232 inteface built-in so that point is moot... I am waiting to bail
it out of repairs (very minor ones fortunately). Anyone got a Dragon's
Lair LD lying around???

              Larry Anderson
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