Name those cards game

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Fri May 30 03:54:44 1997

I came across some Apple II boards recently. Some I can make and
educated guess about, but others are a bit of a mystery:

APPLI-CARD - Personal Computer Products, Inc. This one has a Z80B,
8 chips (Mistsubishi?) labeled 5K4164ANP-15. This is a long card
which has either a block of pins for 25 jumpers or ribbon connectors.
There is also an empty socket next to an EPROM labeled "APPLI-CARD
BOOTSTRAP V9.0 (C) PCPI 1982". The board is labeled as being
copyright 1982.

APL BOARD UNIT G479501000-0 it has an EPROM labeled "APL", an odd
connector (15 pins) which looks like it could be for keyboard. The
board is labeled "EPSON". My guess is that this is a board which
either transformed an Apple II keyboard into an APL keyboard or
allowed an APL keyboard to be used.

LEGO 9767. This board features a 6522 and a 20 wire ribbon cable.
The board is labeled "FOR EDUCATIONAL USF" (the F is not a typo).
This one has 3 chips, 2 capacitors, 1 resistor, and a transistor.
I'm guessing that this is for controlling Lego motors and switches.
APPLE IIGS MEMORY EXPANSION. (Even I can figure this one out!)
It features 8 MB81256-12s, 8 M5M4256APs, 8 TMS4256-12NLs, and
8 TMM41256AP-12s. The copyright is 1986 but several of the chips
have dates of 89.

The last one is an IBM type card which was with the Apple cards. It
has 2 9 pin female connectors and an RCA type jack. The board has the
screened on the board. There are two EPROMs, a 6502, 65SC02, 2 EPROMs,
8 socketed AMPAL16L8LPCs (memory?). There is another socketed IC
which is labeled DISK. I'm guessing that this is some sort of Apple II
on an ISA card.

Can anyone identify these cards?


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