From: Glenn Roberts <>
Date: Fri May 30 07:16:25 1997

At 07:59 AM 5/30/97 -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>> especially when the PS/2's came out. The PS/2's had *no* way to hook an
>> internal 5.25" floppy
>Does the PS/2 not have any 5.25" drive bays? Weird. :)

remember that at the time the PS/2 came out IBM was trying to re-assert
their lead in the industry (they largely failed). they decided to move to
a completely new architecture which they hoped would set a new standard
(e.g. 3.5" floppy; Microchannel; VGA graphics). the microchannel failed
because they tried to license the technology, but people found ways to
breathe life into the old ISA bus instead. the small floppy and VGA were
obviously successes, but IBM underestimated the need for backward
compatibility to the larger floppies (obvious in hindsight).

- glenn
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