monitors for use with old computers.

From: hellige <>
Date: Wed May 28 22:51:27 1997

On 30-May-97, Pete Robinson wrote:

>I'd like to know if there is a particular type of monitor that can be
>used on the above machines. I'd like to buy, say one, I can use with all
>of the above.


   One monitor that I have found to be a good general purpose monitor is the
Amiga 1080 (and I believe the 1084 is the same way). It is switch selectable
between positive and negative RGB, composite, and seperate video signals, and
has the RCA jacks on the back for composite and seperate signals, including
the audio-in, as well as a 9pin RGB port. I've used my 1080 for my Apple II+
(composite), C-128 (RGB), and as a monitor for a VCR, using the VCR as a TV
tuner. There are both NTSC and PAL compatible versions of these monitors.
Hope this helps.


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