Fido lives!

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Nov 1 02:30:36 1997

        At least, it lives as far as I can tell. ;-) If Tom Jennings did indeed
'pull the plug,' I've seen no indication of it whatsoever at my end. If
anything, traffic on the echos I carry is higher than normal.

        To answer an earlier question about hardware; my DOS-based BBS has been
running very happily, since 1990, on a 386DX-40 (AMD processor, of course!)
and 8 MB RAM. I use RemoteAccess 2.01 for the base BBS package, Portal of
Power 0.62 for the front-end mailer, and FastEcho for the mail processor.
Scott Samet's XLAXNODE handles my weekly nodelist compilation.

        The system has been extremely trouble-free, and has been pretty much
self-maintaining since 1994. The only things I need to do with it are to
pick up my mail every week and check for new users every so often.

        As long as I continue to see a NODEDIFF each week, and as long as I
continue to pay dues to my local group for echo traffic, I will assume that
FidoNet still lives.

Bruce Lane, Sysop, The Dragon's Cave BBS (Fidonet 1:343/272)
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