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From: Hotze <>
Date: Sat Nov 1 21:30:13 1997

Well, that's okay if you needed to be wordy. It looks like the same story
again: Intel stopped the Pentium at 200 Mhz, then AMD made a 233 Mhz chip,
which benchmaked the same as the Pentium II at the same megahertz. Then
this time, Intel went back and made THEIR 233Mhz chip, but it didn't even
benchmark as high as the AMD 200 MHz. AMD's soupossed to be making a
266Mhz Socket 7 CPU, so that would combat most Pentium IIs, but not the
300Mhz. Still, 300Mhz benchmarks are only slightly higher than 266 as of
the slow speed of componets. Well on the Compaq memory board, I would check
with memory suppliers, not Compaq themselves. I'm using a Compaq, and when
I go up to tech support, they say that they will have a "processing fee".
Compaq ususally uses non-standard memory on their motherboards, for some
strange reason. The Presario CDS 633 has a nice motherboard, as everything
EVERYTHING is built in. 4 MB RAM, Video card, 2 IDE slots, 1 SCSI slot,
parallel port, 2 serial ports, game port, everything except the componets
and the sound card. But the memory is non-conventional for 30-pin SIMMS.
Compaq claims that they're better, even though they STILL run at 70ns. The
only added feature is that there are 16 MB chips avaible for them, not just
the 4MB as with most 30-pin RAM.
        Hope that this helps,

        Tim D. Hotze

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Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 12:05 AM

Allison wrote:

Note, Sorry for so wordy.. No idea where to be tense fearing leaving
too much info out. augh!

> From: "Hotze" <>
> <Good to hear that. If I do get a computer, it will have an AMD
> <If memory serves, Intel cut off the 386 at 20 mhz.
Ah, dropping into lecture mode...

In that time when you knew about it, 33mhz was "THE top of the line"
and digs up lot of $ from your moth-eaten pockets so you did not hear
much about it but also some people knows about 33mhz but $$$ and Amd
was busily cloning the 386 and was successful. Intel responded with
massive cutting then short time later killed the 386 and made people
buy up all those 486dx and 486sx. That leaves Amd's
market to keep selling those 386 because they're still powerful
enough and and they're dirt cheap at that point. 386 is a must in
that past when running that dreadful and still is, windoze stuff. I
had the uncached 386dx 25 (yuk) in '91, then had cached Am386dx 40 1
year later. Finally had my hands on that famed Am486-40 in '94 at
aching $350 because of Intel's cost. Longest span since that
until early '96 got the P word 100 also is breaking my
record of owning that longest second to my 386sx laptop (still have
it 4 years). Sorry to say, and now look what Intel is trying to dig
Pentiums into dirt again while all kinds of 386 even gasp (!) 286
owners upgrading to P5 not PPro or P5II because they're priced RIGHT.
Even highest end with 64mb ram option, 4gb, 200(h)mmx, and
everything else barely breaks 2k CDN range and that includes monitor
and Asus mobo, few s/w. Average upgrade cost is between 300 to 500.

 At a bare minimum intel went to 33mhz, I know as I have both the DX and
> SX versions.

Yes, it is true that Intel officically says so to protect that now
famed low end part of 486 from being passed on in those oh old
days...sensiable Intel indeed. But little known CPU set (yup it's a
set!) is RapidCad and it's from Intel officially rated 33mhz but
works well at 40mhz. What so, I have this set as well and what I
know is pays to put the heatsink on that RapidCad 1 chip and leave
the smaller one called RapidCad 2 bare.

Large snip!

Troll (this is my nickname of Jason D.)

PS when I had problems I had to call to have RapidCad set replaced,
their tech support gave me a BIG runround before they get me to
correct dept to process properly. Not very easy and not fun
especially when one is deaf like I am. The automated system speaks
fast, relay operators that I work with could'nt keep up and
get stuffed into "musical holds for live personnels" YUK! As a
techie guy, I seen this often when calling for components ordering or
assistance. But Web is very good "USUALLY"! And I still Kick Compaq
for not releasing their much needed info I need even I offered to
sign nda form! Any suggestions byond this? Info I need for those
compaq SLT 386s/20 memory board module pinout and couple of
resistors (smoked and no twin unit to refer to) in that SLT model no
2687 PS brick.
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