Needed: rom for Model 100

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Nov 2 00:51:08 1997

Charles P. Hobbs wrote:

> > have one model 100 that has no display when I turn it on, but after
> waiting
> > a few minutes, the display begins to show.
> I haven't tried that. How long does that take?

It takes a couple of minutes in the case of my machine. However, it is
still a defective motherboard.

> > I am assuming you have tried
> > both types of reset: 1) the reset button on the back, and 2) holding
> > shift/pause while turning the machine on.
> I tried the reset button, I didn't know anything about shift/pause. What
> does that do?

Darned if I know :). It is another type of reset for the machine but I
haven't taken the time to read the manual to find out what it actually does.

> > Does the display show anything
> > when the contrast knob is turned?
> The contrast knob doesn't do anything . . .

Another thing I did when troubleshooting several of them was to pull out the
RAM chips (power off of course) and then power it up again. Turned out one
of the machines had a bad RAM chip and that prevented it from booting up.
There are four RAM sockets and the first one was always soldered in with the
machines I looked at. The rest were socketed.
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