VIC-20 (Was: Re: Sorry, I need to get this to PG Manney, there was)

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Sun Nov 2 08:31:03 1997

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> >> I'm new at collecting classics. What is a VIC-20?
> >
> >The VIC-20 was Commodore's first computer...2K of RAM (I think), did sounds
> >and color TV screen stuff.

The VIC-20 had 5.5k of RAM (3583 Bytes Free for BASIC) and could be
expanded with three banks of 8k for a whopping 27.5k of BASIC RAM.
> Actually it's far from thier first. There was several models of the PET,
> and another earlier one whose name escapes me (KIT?).


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