Commodore's First was a VIC-20???

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Date: Sat Nov 1 19:59:59 1997

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>>> I'm new at collecting classics. What is a VIC-20?

The VIC-20 was Commodore's first computer...2K of RAM (I think), did
and color TV screen stuff.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the VIC-20 is pretty far down the line
in computers from Commodore it debuted as the last model of the PET/CBM
line came into being, the SuperPET. VIC-20 has 5k of RAM which about
3.5k is available for BASIC programs (the rest is for operating
registers, video memory, etc.)
> and Apple?

>Apple II C (I think).

>> I have a TV screen, I even have one in the guest
>>bedroom that's used once in a blue moon. Didn't the older Apples up to the
>>IIGS have attached monitors?

>I don't think so. I'm no Apple expert, though.

I am not an expert but there were RF modualtors (the thing you use to
connect a computer to a TV) for the Apple, from my historical research
Apple could not get FCC certification for an RF adapter for the ][s so
they did not sell any but routed customers to their supplier. I think
the product name was SupRMod or SupRMod ][ or something like that... In
general if it has a composite video output, you proabably can find an RF
modualtor for it. :D


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