Kim-1, was Re: Sorry, I need to get this to PG Manney, there was

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Nov 2 20:12:11 1997

Sorry but I forgot to say that I have a Kim-1 and the manuals for it, so if
you need something let me know. John
At 01:14 PM 11/2/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> >Does anyone know if the KIM-1 was made before *and* after MOS Technologies
>> >was aquired by Commodore? If so, were there any differences between the
>> >boards (identification wise)?
>> I once got a good look at a KIM-1. (I have pictures of it somewhere...)
>> This particular one was marked 'MOS Technologies C= Commodore KIM-1'. (It
>> very clearly had the commodore logo and name on it.) From this, I assume
>> it was made after the aquisition.
>All my KIM-1's are from before the aquisition and don't have "C="
>or "Commodore" on them anywhere.
>A good picture of the pre-Commodore KIM-1 is in BYTE's review. I think it's
>August 1976, but I don't know for sure because my BYTE collection
>is several miles away at the moment...
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