Help Identifying RAM Chips

From: Hotze <>
Date: Sun Nov 2 21:55:44 1997

I disagree with both of you. 300ns is more like the 70's to me. Even the
1982 IBM PC XT had 200ns RAM. A year later adding a third to that figure
makes no since. But 300ns might be right; as I would KILL for 30ns RAM in
a Pentium 233!!!! Even the fastest EDO RAM (Slightly outdated, but still
recent) is at 50ns; so 30ns makes ZERO sense.

From: Tim Shoppa <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Subject: Re: Help Identifying RAM Chips
Date: Monday, November 03, 1997 5:35 AM

> Your chip #1 is a 64k chip speed of 30ns, chips 2&3 are 256k at 150ns

I disagree with the 30ns figure; why the heck would a Compaq
Portable from 1983 have 30ns RAM in it? 300ns seems
far more likely, and is perfectly consistent with the numbering
from manufacturers of that era.

> The last set of tell the the size and speed (64-3 and 256-15). John
> >I have two original Compaq Portables, both of which are giving POST
> >errors when they boot which indicate bad RAM. I have gone through a few
> >...
> >Chip #1:
> >Hitachi
> >1818-3006
> >Japan 8332U
> >HM4864P-3

Tim. (
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