Darnit! UDA50 problem.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <dseagrav_at_bsdserver.tek-star.net>
Date: Mon Nov 3 17:27:59 1997

I got the 34, and I just located a UDA50 for it, known working.
Cost me $30.
I plugged it in, and connected the RA81. It's cabled like this:

+----+ +-----+
|1134| | RA81|
+----+ +----|+
 1 /-----3/
 | |
      | |

Cable 1 is the cable from the UDA50.
Cable 2 is a normal SDI cable
Cable 3 is attached to the RA81
**** is a 4-port SDI bulkhead plug. I have the UDA going in port 1, the
patch going from port 1 to port 3, and the RA on port 3.
I boot RT11SJ from a RX02 (Because I don't have a DU bootstrap)
and tell it "boot du0:"
The machine sits there. If I look, 2 led's come on the 2nd (terminator
side) uda board, the first 2 closest to the PS. They strobe normally when
the machine starts. They stay that way. If I halt the CPU, the BUS ERR
light comes on. Did I foul up the cabling, or is the UDA or drive toast,
or what?
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