Needed: rom for Model 100

From: Charles P. Hobbs <>
Date: Tue Nov 4 02:10:11 1997

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Charles P. Hobbs wrote:
> > Hi folks. I picked up a Tandy Model 100 laptop computer from a local
> > thrift store a few days ago, for about $9. So far so good, but it doesn't
> >
> > When I switch it on, then off , the "Low Battery" light flickers, but
> > that's all (the LCD stays blank)

> I am assuming you have tried
> both types of reset: 1) the reset button on the back, and 2) holding
> shift/pause while turning the machine on. Does the display show anything
> when the contrast knob is turned? In any case, no display is not a good
> sign!

I held down the reset button, no joy.

Then, I held down shift/pause while turning the machine on. A little
more promising (it beeped the first time I did it, then just clicked a
bit every subsequent time).

Being a little bold, I pressed enter, then tried entering the "BEEP"
basic command (Remember now, no action from the LCD . . .) Well, mirabile
dictu, the computer beeped! Then I tried typing in a BASIC program beeping
in a for-next loop, and it worked! (There's a more substantial SOUND
command, that allows the user to select the frequency and even play
music, but I forget the syntax).

So, I have a working computer, but with a non-working LCD. . .I'll need to
open it up and find out what's going on. Unfortunately, I've had little
success in opening the machine--I removed all four screws from the bottom,
but I still can't take the two halves of the case apart. Anything I'm
missing here?

Thanks in advance!
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