Help Identifying RAM Chips

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Nov 4 04:33:46 1997

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Roger Merchberger wrote:

What this has to do with classic computers I do not know...

> Ah, yes... but EDO is nowhere near the fastest!!! Check out a Computer
> Shopper if you can get them... advertisers there offer SDRAM DIMMs
> (168-pin) as fast as 10ns. (not a typo...)

I've used ECL RAMs (about 6 years ago) with a few ns access time, and I'm
pretty sure I've seen them with <1ns access in the data books. Of course
these devices are (a) small (1K nybbles maximimum), (b) expensive (very
expensive), (c) take a LOT of power, and (d) won't fit into PCs. They are
used in high-speed data aquisition systems.

Another thing. Don't believe that because a RAM is quoted as having a 10ns
access time, you can read out a new word every 10ns. Look at the data
sheet first. Some manufacturers play specmanship games and quote the time
from CAS being asserted to the data being available as the access time.

> Just make sure you get a motherboard with at least one DIMM slot, and
> you're zoomin'.
> HTH,
> "Merch"

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