Apple _did_ release rights to 2nd party!

From: Cord Coslor <>
Date: Tue Nov 4 08:50:16 1997

In the past I have seen a _little_ discussion here about how some
companies, such as Tandy (with their CoCo), and other companies should
re-release their old 8-bit computers targeted towards the current kids
community... similar to what v-tech does with their kids computers.

I also heard a comment recently that said there is no way Apple computers
would ever license someone else to produce their computers... I beleive
the discussion was regarding the black case Apples.

Anyway, I recently saw in Christmas Catalog that Tiger Computing is
selling a computer, that takes cartridges only, for about $200. You hook
it to your tv, and most of the available software is original Apple titles
by MECC, a popular Apple educational software developer. It even says in
the description that this little lap-top size unit is licensed from Apple,
and based on Apple //e technology!

Even more, you can buy a cheap 14.4 modem cartridge that allows internet
access. Does anyone have one of these Tigers? Just curious.

Also, still looking for a Laser 50 (Sam Ismail? Bill? etc., etc., and am
curious for more information on my Laser 310 I just picked up. Maybe a
trade straight across?

Well, my $.02 worth,


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