Help Identifying RAM Chips

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Nov 4 16:55:08 1997

> I wouldn't be so sure about the military part... their MIS seems to either
> have gone to school and got a degree in dentistry or learned on the
> Eniac.... corporate will always be faster than military. There is no
> "secret operations" that deal with these areas of computers.

Oh yeah???

Military electronics has ALWAYS been about ten years ahead of what we see.
That stuff is generally demilitarized (shredded) when it is taken out of
service. The really high end stuff - crypto and countermeasures - always
is destroyed beyond recognition. True, the computers in the F-16s and such
may be a few years behind, but then they do not need such power. Things
that need to do signal analysis on incoming radar pulses on the fly, or
decrypting very high speed bursts of data do.

> company like Microsoft or maybe IBM had someone design something
> faster..... we'll be at 15ns soon enough anyway. We've gone from 70ns in
> late 94 to only 45ns today, and SRAM has become so darn fast....

I have a bunch of _sub_nano second GaAs RAM, and have dealt with F100K RAM
in the past, so I do not find 45ns fast at all.

The GaAs RAM came from Rockwell Collins as surplus,
originally intended for countermeasures gear (probably).

William Donzelli
Received on Tue Nov 04 1997 - 16:55:08 GMT

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