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Date: Tue Nov 4 13:43:52 1997

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> >I wouldn't be so sure about the military part... their MIS seems to either
> >have gone to school and got a degree in dentistry or learned on the
> >Eniac.... corporate will always be faster than military. There is no
> >"secret operations" that deal with these areas of computers. But maybe a
> Wrong. For a while (in the early 90's) I subscribed to a magazine called
> Defense Electronics. The military had things like 50ns RAM available then.
> They are way ahead in many areas; they can afford to (or used to be able to,
> anyway) throw money at things, and they often got first dibs.
Military needs the "THE TOP END" stuff and pull all the stops to get
what they need that MOST current technologies allows and hide them
and not be seen again. :(
> I mean, if you had developed a spiffy new toilet seat, and were going to
> sell it for $50 each, but the military guys showed up and said "we'll buy
> 10,000 of them for $10,000 each, but you can't tell anyone about them", what
> would you do?

I would be damned if that happened and I as suspected Military guys
push so far ahead into many technologies areas and happy to know that
they are now in sub nansecond area for digital area. What Else?

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