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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 6 17:07:21 1997

<> The Nova will never be featured in the newspapers because it is not a
<> socially significant computer.

No more (or less) so than PDP-11s that it competed against.

<Ever read, say, _Soul of a New Machine_?

Good read, still have my copy!

Once upon a time there were many computer companies in Massachusetts
and during the life of the pdp-8, PDP-11 and the VAX there was Data General
trying to also carve a niche in the minicomputer market. This is
significant as most of action preceeds 1978. To put that in perspective
by '78 the altair was two years old and MITS starting to crumble, IMSI was
starting to peak, TRS-80 was new, AppleII was there as well, SS50 bus
machines were strong with SWTP and the new Smoke Signal Broadcasting
Company. The PC would be three years away.

<"socially significant computer" is, I'm not willing to let anything
<I consider to be significant go to the scrap metal dealers if I can
<avoid it.

Computers each and every have significance, some because of new concepts,
new markets or in a few cases the scams and swindles behind them! There
were many unremarkable computers made and many while noteable were really

Hey you forgot: SBCs <single board computers> are hardly ever noted here.
Most often they are simple minimum systems featuring the makers CPU or
chip sets. Some of note are the EVK68<ami-6800>, Motorola 6800D1, 6800D2,
National SC/MP<isp8a-500>, Cosmac ELF<1802>, INTEL SDK80<8080>, SDK85<8085>
and SDK88<8088>, IMSAI IMP48<8035>, Technico Super Starter<TI9900>, are
samples of what I mean<some I have>. Most of these were not expandable
to full systems and were really aimed at the hobbiest/engineer to show
off the chips or provide a working example to build off of. Others like
the IMP-48 were complete systems intended for control system use or for
one up embedded applications or quick prototypes.

If I could say one thing about all of the arguments...
Been there, done that! I even have a few of the t-shirts that are still
not rags yet. How many were at PCC'76 on the boardwalk?

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