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From: Zeus334 <>
Date: Thu Nov 6 17:06:16 1997

I have the Commodore 64C manuals, and some disks. I also have the Commodore 64
Programmers' guide. I could probably get some manuals and disks for an Apple
II, as well. I am not in the habit of shipping, though.
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I am a collector and classic enthusiast. I'm looking for copies of the
original operating manuals for the following computers:

Amiga 1000
Apple ][ plus
Apple //e
Apple //e Platinum
Commodore 64
Apple DuoDisk
Apple Disk II

I also need original boot and os disks for these computers. If you have
such materials, and they are in good-excellent condition, please email me
at:, and we can work out a price. I'd be very
anxious to obtain these documents, particularly the Apple specific manuals.

Thanks again,

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