Classic Computer Rescue Squad

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 6 22:31:08 1997

<>Maybe that's why I have an intel Intellec MDS 8080 development system

What's significant is it was one of several used by the terminals and
printers engineering at DEC to develope the VT100!

<little minis inside. You know what else is just as nice the same way? Th
<Tektronix boxes built around the LSI-11....

I've seen a few of them but the LSI-11 itself wasn't built poorly either.
I have a few Q-bus PDP-11s.

That was the point of the multibus design used in the MDS. They defined
and created a distinct bus that was robust. The MDS box was the start
of that that line (multibus cards) as well.

<It's like having a '56 or '57 Mercedes. The whole world knows how sexy an
<pricey a 300SL is, be it the Gullwing or the roadster; but it takes a

It may be but when it's a particular one with a known history then there
is more to it.

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