Okay, now what?

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <dseagrav_at_bsdserver.tek-star.net>
Date: Fri Nov 7 16:29:47 1997

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> Far easier than doing this on floppy is to do it on magtape. Is this
> an option at all? I would prefer not to tell you that you'll have
> to back up your hard disk using hundreds of 5.25" floppies...

Hmm... Not really. I have a drive, but no controller. Maybe with TU58s?
I have one of those, in the nice tabletop box...

It would be nice to have a minimal system on floppies, though...
Then I could get a copy to the emulator...

> Making a bootable RX50 floppy is something I have no experience at.
> I know how to use VMR to make bootable magtapes, though (hint, hint.)
> If you don't have access to a magtape drive, do you have a way for
> putting both hard drives on the same machine?

Maybe, there's two ports... DO I just plug in the second drive in the
port 2 plugs?
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