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Date: Fri Nov 7 17:16:47 1997

 In a certain supply room, there are in storage some computers of interest to
me. There used to be some XTs and PCs, but they were given to a school. The
stuff that's still there:

A ton of printers, generally IBM dot-matrix
A ton of manuals and books, including manuals to Quattro-Pro, the manuals to
    some of the IBM printers, etc. Also, books on C and pascal
A few cartons of floppies, with the original disks to DOS 3.3, and a bunch of
    programs I have never heard of.
About 15 IBM network cards. I can't tell what they are, but they are brown
full- length eight bit things with round connectors on the back.
An IBM System/74, with three terminals.

I believe that the administration will part with all of these without much
difficulty. I could personally use the first 4 items. The System/74 is about
the size of a closet, and I doubt I would find much use for it (If only I had
I know nothing about it, and I would appreciate if you people would tell me
what the heck a System/74 is. It has a big floppy drive (14" or 8") built in
to the front panel, mounted on its side.....
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