CP/M for Osborne-1

From: John Ruschmeyer <jruschme_at_hiway1.exit109.com>
Date: Fri Nov 7 20:31:37 1997

> >I picked up an Osborne-1 last night, but no software. Is anyone willing to
> >cut me a copy of some 5 1/4" CP/M operating system and utility disks?

Original tan or later blue/grey?

Tony, I've got a copy, if nobody else can get you a set.

I forget, is Don Maslin on this list? If so, he is the one to talk to for
just about any CP/M system disk.
> You'll want to ensure you get the correct ones. There are at least two
> different versions one for 40 columns, and another for 80 columns. I'm
> pretty sure that the 40 column systems can't be booted with 80 column
> disks. BTW I'm refering to the number of columns on the display.

It's actually 52 columns physical, able to pan over a window of up to 128

The original O-1's were single density. Later on, both double density and
80-columns were available as upgrades.

A SD, 52-column disk should boot on anything. I can't speak for any other
combo because mine has both DD and 80 cols.
BTW, does anyone know if there were 3rd party 80-columns upgrades? A while
back, I got a disk from Don Maslin which was supposed to be a 80-col
boot disk. Although it booted fine on his and several other systems, it
would never boot mine. I later tried reinstalling the patches on the disk
to a fresh copy of CP/M- no luck either. It also crashes totally when I
try to set the baud rate of the "programmable" clock generator referenced in
the README for the disk.

Makes me think I have a different upgrade...

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