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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Nov 8 10:20:48 1997

<> <Ever read, say, _Soul of a New Machine_?
<> Good read, still have my copy!
<Me too. But I've also got a hard-cover now!

I was given mine when it was first releassed and is hard cover.

<<This prompted me to dig up a Nov 81 copy of a mag called Datamation
<whose feature article was a history of the Route 128 companies and a
<companion piece "Rte128's new Wave Startups" which included Apollo,
<Stratus, SOLV-vation, and the 'revamped"Charles River Data Systems..
<The push was on to 32bit and Data General was offering it"s
<"brand-new" medium-priced supermini,the MV 6000 whose price was on

Therein lies a peice of the story. From 79 to recent I and friends worked
for companies involved in the 128 race. It's amazing how few are left and
how different some are.

< Another "cute" blurb, "CP/M-86 is the 16 bit version of the de facto
<industry standard microcomputer operating system, CPM. Once a user
<slips the 8-inch floppy containing CPM-86 into a (IBM) Displaywriter,
<an entirely new world of data processing will open up on the typist's
<desk." Sounds almost pornographic. ; ^ ))

Call that a snapshot in time before the PC explosion.

What I miss is hearing about Honeywell, RCA, Univac, Borroughs and Sperry
to name a few here in the USA where it started. There are machines that
were unique than and by standards now made by these companies. A example is
the RCA machines from what little I know were patterned after the TX series
of mit. I'd love to hear more.

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