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>I wonder how many non - PC compatibles have used Intel 8088 or 8086 chips. I
>have heard of a machine called an "ACT Apricot", which is said to have had
>voice recognition and a GUI. Could someone tell me about it and others? My
>reasoning is that there are lots of neat things that could be done on an
>8088, but not with a DOS system.
One of the first computer jobs I had was running* a CompuPro 8/16 under
MP/M-16(?). It was an S-100 box with 5 or so terminals. I forget what it
originally had as a processor but we upgraded shortly after I arrived to a
80286/8085 dual processor CPU board.

*Note: this system was so rock solid and self-sustaining that I'm grossly
exagerating here. I wrote some programs, did some data entry, and turned it
on/shut it down. Piece of cake.

P.S., I stumbled across a site that might offer insight into this question.
It's at <http://www.mygale.org/08/samurai/> and offers a listing of
computers by microprocessor (as well as other ways). Only problem is it's
in french. 8^)

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