VAXstation II tapes

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Nov 8 14:57:23 1997

I seem to have a problem. I just got a VAXstation II, and it came with a
whole box of TK50-K tapes. I've a bad feeling that these are blank tapes
though, double bad since I'm suspecting that the system needs to be
reloaded. I'll give a detailed writeup of the problems I'm having later on
(I forgot to make notes when I had it powered up).

The only identificaton on any of the tapes is a small white label with
numbers on it. Some of the numbers on each tape are printed, others hand
written. I've a bad feeling that these are simply backup tapes, in which
case I don't know if they'll do me any good or not. The other possibility
is that they are for something called "RS/1". If anyone can tell me what
these are I'd appreciate it.

Printed Hand Written
------- ------------------
525810 5-0-0 41
525865 6-0-0 (a crossed out 96 with 117 under it)
525869 19-0-1 21
525871 10-1-0 23
525952 9-0-0 81
525959 1-0-0 70
525993 9-0-1 75
526044 23-2-0 57

Since I assume these aren't the VMS distribution tapes, does anyone know
how I can get them? I'm aware of the Hobbiest License for OpenVMS, but I
think it's to new of a version to run on my VAXstation II/RC. There is
also the problem with the Hobbiest version of it comes on CD-ROM. All the
OS manuals that I've got are for MicroVMS/VMS 4.4


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