Amiga 1000 (was:My Recent find)

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Nov 8 17:44:39 1997

Doug Spence wrote:

> I've actually got a 5.25" disk drive for it now, too. It can read C= 1541
> disks into a .dsk file for emulators in about 12 seconds, which is pretty
> cool. And Apple ][ disks in about 17 seconds (must be lamer programming).
> Too bad I don't have anything to WRITE to those formats, though I suspect
> writing to a 1541 format wouldn't work.

Lamer disk format. There's a delay when reading Apple disks due to the
to determine where each track actually starts, since Apple ignored the
detect hole. Yes, I understand why Woz made that decision.
Ward Griffiths
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